There are 2 parts to the predictions competition.

In part one you need to predict the result of all 48 matches in the group stage (this is result only, not the score). You will also need to select 5 joker matches which will be worth double points, 3 matches that you think will be high scoring and 3 matches you think will be low scoring. You will get more points for predicting unlikelier results.

In part 2 you will need to predict how far each team will get, with more points on offer for weaker teams.

ALL predictions must be completed before the start of the tournament or your entry will be void, but you don't have to make all your predictions in one go.

It is a lot simpler than it sounds !!

Entry fee is £5 per person.

The points table will be updated after each match so you will be able to see how everyone is doing as the competition progresses.

There will be several prizes depending on how many entries we get.

World Cup Predictions